Nigiri is an easy type of sushi to make at home!

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Rice (Botan or Nishiki for the brand, and get medium or short grain)

Fish of choice


By "Fish of Choice" I mean to select a cut of raw, cured fish that is safe to eat. Don't just pick any old raw fish! That's how you get sick, bleh. I like to go to the grocery store and find the vaccuum-sealed packs of like Smoked Atlantic Salmon, or different types of Tuna. You can use cooked large shrimp or even some cooked fish or octopus! You'll just need it to be in an ovular or square-ish shape when cut and not falling apart like some cooked flounder or catfish do. You can do it very simple like the grocery store sushi with just tuna, shrimp, or salmon, or you can do extra combinations. One combination I had at Sushi Ro in Japan was a rice ball topped with a piece of shrimp, a slice of avocado, thin sliced pieces of white onion, and Kewpie Mayonnaise on top! It was soooooo yummy! You can get fancy and stack "extras" like that if you so please, or add the traditional teeny dab of Wasabi hidden under the slice of fish.

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Wash your rice, rinsing it about three to five times until water poured into the pot is clear.

Cook your rice with nothing but water! Follow your rice cooker instructions if you have one or cook in a pot.

Transfer the cooked rice in a wide container to let it cool.

Once rice has naturally cooled to a working temperature, wet your hands and grab a small clump of rice from the container. Shape it into a small ovular ball, pressing it with your fingers and palms. Sit the ball aside on a plate. Repeat with all the rice!

Cut your fish of choice into square or ovular shapes sized to fit on top of the rice balls. Lay the pieces on top of each rice ball.

Plate and serve! (Serve it with a small bowl of Kikkoman Soy Sauce if you please!)

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"If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff! -Remy, Ratatouille

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