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Come take a seat by the candle light and explore! This will soon be a netizen's oasis, an online travel stop to accessing thousands of reading materials and resources free. As a rule, I will not be putting links to anything paywalled here.

Calibre E-book Management Software

Calibre How-To for "Data Hoarders" and Radical and/or Rogue Librarians

So first off, you should get a flash drive or a hard drive. Honestly, a 64 gig or 128 gig flashdrive should work for the average person. BUT I am a proponent of "go big or go home". I personally recommend a 1 TB hard drive, but I know this is not necessarily practical for everyone.

Next, you will need to plug it in and then click on that big Calibre logo above this. Go to the Calibre website and download the version of their software for USB portable, then install it on your flash drive or hard drive of choice.

You can install Calibre on your desktop too by using the other downloads, but the idea is to make a library that can easily be accessed between any computers because the software and all book files are mounted directly onto the hard drive.

Next, you're going to need some book or document files! You can find books and documents for which the copyright expired on Project Gutenberg and Archive.org and Zines (many of which are CopyLeft or under Creative Commons) at the Zine Libraries I link to on this page. I've even included a few zines you can directly download from here to start building your own personal library.

Now that we are discussing downloading texts, I want to encourage you to seek CopyLeft, Creative Commons, or to otherwise properly purchase whatever texts and documents you wish to store. Anything you do beyond that is at your sole discretion.

Kindle eBooks that you have purchased can be directly transfered into your Calibre Library to help centralize your Library provided you have the De-DRM plugin and probably also the KFX Plugin. I will add more regarding those later.

Happy sorting my dear Rogue Librarians!

Open Calibre Libraries

Calibre E-book Management Software



Zines by Me

  • Yesterweb Info Zine (Click to download): I designed this Zine to be additional PubMat for free distribution as a way to inform people about the Yesterweb and NeoCities' existences via an alternative medium! Please download, print, fold, and cut as you would a typical 8-page Zine! All graphic design and the fonts are copy/pasta'd from the Yesterweb website to keep in line with their site theme. Additional PubMats by Matt Cole Wilson and Mal as included in the PubMats section of the Yesterweb site are included in this Zine, and most of the text is copied directly from the Yesterweb site verbatim.Yesterweb Zine
  • Zine 2
  • Zine 3
  • Zine 4
Top Banned Books of 2022 Censorship by the numbers

Making a Gunpla Zine

I had a burst of idea because the other person in my house likes to order from USA Gundam Store often, and they always get these cool stickers that they never use. I had a Panera Bread box (ew, I know. For those who don't, drama. Also I was given it for free and I never waste free food.) so I totally cut out the bigest flat and rectangular piece I could. Then I made sure to stick one of those stickers on it! I will totally be covering it in the Gundam stickers to make a Zine cover. It'll look super cool! Now I just need to figure out content. The other person in the house is a tad shy and self conscious about their painting, but they work so hard on it. I may do a zine about their painting or favorite painting techniques. You know, if they will let me, we will see.

Iron Flame: A Review

The Fourth Wing: A Review

I really enjoyed The Fourth Wing! I believe this book had something for everyone. It had dragons and fantasy animals, psychic powers, elemental powers, many fantasy elements, a "chosen one" storyline, romance, sex, love triangles, het and non-het relationships, decent sex, cool edgy armor, action scenes, war, violence, killing, friendships, teamwork, a rebellion, and etc. The book averaged as fast-paced. However, the fast-paced feeling of the beginning introduces a lot of world-building and some aspects with the characters growth and relationships kind of moves slower. But later in the book, especially the last 10 chapters, it gets very erratic and fast-paced to the point that the book feels like it could have maybe been split into a prologue book and then the main story. The language used in the book is more "mature" as in they say fuck and there are a handful of sex and/or sexy scenes, but it's not like reading Tolkein or some older novel. The language is easy to understand, and so is the story. The story has some very overt and obvious elements where you can mostly guess what is coming with the whole "chosen one" part, but it does throw in some surprises and twists and the pacing and details make it interesting. I also give it an A+ for women readers because the erotica is actually enjoyable. The book is way more "female gaze" which is a nice change of pace and pleasing. I also think lovers of Dragons will love the dragon lore of this book and the many named dragon characters. In a strange way to put this, I think the author caught the perfect balance of soap opera, fanfiction, and YA fantasy/rebellion novel inspirations and then turned it into a banger of a book. Like she took all the good parts that keep you on the edge of your seat. I read this for a book club and we all got hooked right after chapter 10, so if you aren't sure about this book and are just starting to read it, hang in there until after chapter 10!! The book also leaves room with the ending for a lot of speculation about what could possibly happen next. It's great. Read it if you want something fun!

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